MODERNiCO is a company founded in Arezzo in 2016 by Engineer Emiliano Rinaldi and Aiza Villanueva. The studio is mainly engaged in product and industrial design, house and yacht interior design, fashion show , fashion cosulting ranging from research and development to complete industrialization. The team of MODERNiCO has been carefully selected over the years: it is a small yet extremely skilled group. The studio is able to provide targeted advice, thanks to different stimuli and skills that each of us brings to the table, always sharing a compact vision in terms of style and quality.

The main features of the company are the extensive knowledge of industrial processes , of excellent craftsmanship and the complex network of local and international suppliers, which have enabled it to develop rapidly and effectively.

Our design culture is firmly rooted in the rich Italian tradition, but is very observant of the international scene, where many of us have studied and began their careers.